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the oddities of suburban teens and a 20 year old. yes.

more interests: cool ass jackets, bringing it up at dinner, THANK you, cpr, ufo, you know you my baby's daddy, swetie! babie!, fobus, no balls, open fire, leaving crap at my house, flavour country, the old country, nailing bitches, rbis, going the wrong way, siskel and ebert, dang, j to tha l-o, ketchup bottles

19, 69+, 8 1/2, andy action figures, ani difranco, ann arbor, banging charts, baseball bats, bi, big glasses, big hair, billy dolls, blurry, bob bopp, boobzoo, boys, brittany murphy, brownstown, buffing nails, buhhh, cheap thrills, cheeseball, chloe sevigny, chuckits, cij, clippers with awesome action, clowns in cars, cocky, coy face, crannie, crike, cum burgers, custom, detective leo, eileen, elusive hands, fairlane (failane), fairlane cowboys, fawzi the lovegoddess, feisty hands, felix, fight club, flaaame!, fuckless hot, fuckmehard6969, gay pulp, gest's, girls, glove songs, god blesh you sweerheart, god of fuck, gonads and strife, gummo, handspeak, heinekin commercials, hot diggity, i not man, i wonder, ike, intellectual conversations, jet's, jhahdeed, john boobzoo, kdogg, ken gainor, kief halek, killing cats, kmfdm, lenny, licking andy's nipples, lickmylabiaxoxo, lily, living dead dolls, lizzie borden, love poems, luuuuuuvin, magazines for potheads, meatwolf, meringue cookies, moist, mongolian barbecue, monkey salads, morecock, movies at liz's, nod-ting, not the somethin, oh my fuck, olive garden, one eyed arlo, ooey gooey, oprah, organic lemon tarts, paffies, panda claus, parking here, peggy, phil, pokey, poncho, pudding, queer, queer as folk, quentin, race relation illustrations, rammstein, richard dreyfuss, riding in carts, right here weather, rofl?, royal oak, rubber factories, rudy, rufus wainwright, sauce, shopping for cds, shu her, smack and rub, smut, soda lawnshops, soup, stahyle, stompy, sunrise smokers, taffy, tandem, tart, tcf, tf, the crying game, the men of baywatch, tori amos, twist this pussy, ubergay, used, vomit laughing, vorsicht, water sports, wearing fucking beanies, weeeeeeee, witnesses, wooden legs, you fail, zanzibar, || ||