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The Vagina Monologues

Well, everyone else posted about it so I guess I will too. The play was terrific, as far as I'm concerned, the actresses were great, the monologues were powerful when they wanted to be, hilarious when they wanted to be.
Dru and I went Friday night, with Elizabeth, and then again Saturday night with Julie, Christina, Stephanie, and Claire, none of whom seemed entirely impressed with it. Dru recorded it (Can you send me a wav. file of it by any chance? If it's much trouble don't worry about it, babie, thank you. :)). Anyway. So Julie had already read the Vagina Monologues, and was already unimpressed with the quality of writing. I beg to differ. Reading the plays in book form for one, I can understand how they might be a bit dry. It's not the same at all. On the other hand, I know the difference between good writing, mediocre writing, and bad writing. This was pretty good. And the actresses, though there were a few glitches, overall did quite well. Sharon, the delicious one, and Elspeth, and the moaner, were the most memorable performers, though they were all good.
There was a more jovial crowd, and a more outspoken one the second night. Hence the massive changes in the rant and rave session afterwards. A large argument ensued about the director's choice to include a two minute blurb at the end, written and performed by a man. Some of the women in the audience had a problem with that, said they felt that after the Monologues wasn't the place for that, that it felt like a validation, and that it shouldn't have been included. Of course, I disagree, as I am not one of the man-hating, kill-our-kids, want-no-part-of-a-man-in-my-life, women-are-better-than-men-and-here's-120-reasons-why feminists, but rather the based-on-logic-and-reason, women-should-be-equal-not-above, and segregation-doesn't-equal-equalization kind of feminist. They had the cast leave the stage first, recieve their applause, etc., before leaving the stage. Anyway. That's really enough about that topic, everyone knows where I stand and why.
So it was good times anyway, and I'm glad to have seen it. The point of the plays is to educate women about the kind of lives some others lead, to empower them, to give them a sense of fearlessness. This is how I see it anyway. The addition of that final monologue did not take away from that, by any means. The play on the whole made me wish I were more involved in the issues I'm concerned about. Maybe it will have been sufficient motivation to get me so involved.
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