in twilight's palm (chaoticsolace) wrote in dang_files,
in twilight's palm

argh. argh argh.
methinks im losing joey.

he's beeing drawn in to this whole religion thing which he had successfully backed out of again (he's pentecostal). and now he's "confused" and he went to a revival all last week and i think now considering what he said in his last e-mail that i'm losing him.

Andy just give me a few more days, Im just confused about some things, It's hard to explain, Ill explain it all later in the week, Im coming to the conclusion of something, I just need some time alone to think, and let my heart teach me some things.

subconsciously i've been preparing myself for this but why, i don't know. i don't want to lose him but it's hard to face.

maybe i'm over-reacting and i'm not gonna lose him, and i'm just stupid.

thursday. moulin rouge @ liz's? is this an ok (hat the idea?) cuz she said it would be fine. apparently shes not working.

no drivers ed pickup for me next week but the week after yes.

i found someone to sell the rufus tickets to, i figure since i couldn't get a straight answer out of julie and i don't know why i bought the tickets in the first place, i figure get my money back. yes. and besides, my dad was huffing and stuff and he was giving me a hard time about going. yesh.
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